Organising Entities

School of Advanced Studies on Food and Nutrition

The School of Advanced Studies on Food and Nutrition of the University of Parma represents a unique example of third level teaching and research institution in Italy.

The School has close links with international organisations and universities, and it is dynamic, efficient, and proactive in relationships with cutting-edge initiatives.

The aim of the School is to transfer and enhance competence in all the areas related to food, from human nutrition to food safety, from food technology to business and legislation, with a transversal and international approach.

The School offers training opportunities in interdisciplinary fields including post graduate and advanced courses, workshops, and summer schools.


Madegus S.r.l.

Madegus S.r.l. is the first spin-off company of the University of Parma dealing with nutrition and healthy lifestyles, founded after years of successful research on human health carried out by the human nutrition research unit at the University.

Madegus is one of the main pillars of the ambitious and innovative Giocampus project, fully focused on bringing the concepts of healthy nutrition and physical activity to all primary school children in Parma.

The educational methods introduced by Madegus, an integrated ‘‘learning through playing’’ approach, have been proven effective in many contexts to deliver knowledge about healthy diet, food culture and food sustainability. The company core products are School Projects, Web Apps, Board Games, all based on a PLAY-FUN-LEARN approach.