Participants of the FBHC2020 are invited to make their own hotel arrangements. 

You can choose among a variety of hotels in Parma, all within maximum 20 minutes walking distance from the conference venue. We hereby suggest you some of them:


STARHOTEL DU PARC**** (venue): Viale Piacenza, 12/C 43100 Parma. - website:

Download here the reservation form for Starhotel du Parc.


HOTEL VERDI**** (5 minutes walking distance) Viale Alberto Pasini 18 - 43100 Parma – website:


PALACE HOTEL MARIA LUIGIA**** (20 minutes walking distance) Viale Mentana 140, 43110 Parma - website:


HOTEL STENDHAL**** (15 minutes walking distance) Via Bodoni, 3, 43121 PARMA - website: 

HOTEL BUTTON*** (20 minutes walking distance) Borgo della Salina, 7 (angolo San Vitale) 43100 Parma - website


For different types of accommodation you can have a look and book from here: